About us

IRON GUARD SECURITY  has been present on the market since 2016 and the main activity is the provision of private security services, defined by the code 8010, which includes the following types of services:

• physical-technical and fire safety of the facility
• facility monitoring, mobile patrol, escort of people
• policing, ie securing public gahterings, cultural and sports events


IGS staff is professionally licensed  and available for our clients and overall social progress.
Our company has its own call and monitoring center that works 24h / 365.
By introducing clear work procedures and drafting regulations on internal order, work and discipline, Iron Guard Security officers prevented a large number of thefts, damage and theft of property, fires and similar incidents.
All  facilities that is secured by our company are connected via services of communication (mobile telephony, radio connection) with our control and operational Center, which coordinates and monitors the work of each security officer 24 hours a day.

The founders of Iron Guard Security transferred their knowledge and experience from previous work in the security business for two decades.

Iron Guard Security is owner of LF1 and LF2 licenses as well as a risk assessment license.
We have a license to provide secure transportation and transfer of money and valuable shipments.

Iron Guard Security has:
OHSAS 18011 certificate
ISO 9001 certificate
Certificates SRPS A.L2.002: 2015 – value management, management
from the control center, physical protection (facilities, public gatherings)